Hubert Osborne, Nampa endorses Chuck Stadick for Canyon County Commissioner!

County voters have a unique opportunity to elect a commissioner with experience, knowledge and just plain common sense to lead Canyon County. As Commissioners are responsible for a $100 million plus budget sound accounting oversight is needed as well as supervision of many employees.

Chuck has in his past been involved in executive management positions with the Simplot company, has had his own consulting service , and served on the Idaho Potato Commission whose marketing program is recognized as one of the best in the nation.

Canyon County needs the kind of innovative thinking which only experience can provide. He has a track record only others can dream of. Please join me in voting for Chuck Stadick for Canyon County Commissioner.

Doug Gross, Gross Farms of Wilder, endorses Chuck Stadick for Canyon County Commissioner.

After Chuck’s retirement from Simplot, he drove truck during harvest for Gross Farms for over 10 years. Chuck knows how to work with his head and his hands. Chuck knows the importance of agriculture to the economy of Canyon County and understands first hand many of the issues.

He is a strong supporter of preserving Ag ground in Canyon County.

Richard Ledington supports Chuck Stadick. “Work horse or show pony?”

Chuck Stadick is a proven leader and problem solver. He and his family moved to Idaho in 1977 to work for the Simplot Company. He started as a Potato Fieldman, being promoted to Field Department Manager, Manager of Raw Product Procurement for Idaho, and eventually to Director of Raw Product Procurement for the Simplot Food Division. He managed 8 field departments in 7 western states, responsible for over 100,000 acres valued at over $300 million. When the Simplot fry plant was struggling with potato disease that darkened the fries, Chuck helped introduce a new potato variety to replace the Russett Burbank with the contracted growers. This potato variety is still being used by growers today.

Chuck also supported international raw potato operations in Turkey, Thailand, Philippians, Australia and China. He supported McDonald’s for their international restaurant operations in USA, Asia and Europe. He traveled extensively to all USA and international operations. Since his retirement in 2005, Chuck has been operating a private business called Spud Viking Potato Consulting. In 2018, Chuck was hired as Executive Director of the Southern Idaho Potatoes Growers Cooperative. He established marketing plans, negotiated potato contracts with processors, and introduced bills at state legislature to improve grower/processor contracts and negotiations.

Supporters of Chuck’s opponent are the same people who supported three jail bond levies without regard for fiscal responsibility. The same supporters promoted Urban Renewal that shifted the majority of the tax burden onto property owners by giving large tax breaks to businesses. Chuck is an advocate for reducing taxes; a workhorse for the taxpayer. So, when you mark your absentee ballot for County Commissioner ask yourself, “Do I want a work horse or a show pony?” I would appreciate your vote for Chuck Stadick in the May 19th primary election.